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Hollywood’s SUMMER of Discontent


According to reports, U.S. box office totals are in a freefall, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Terrible news for the film industry, which has practically owned Get Out Of The House entertainment media for the better part of a century. Even with the standard slate of action adventure movies and big budget summer blockbusters playing in theaters across the country, U.S. ticket sales are down at least 20%. Ronn Torossian says this appears ... Read More »

Facebook Social Experiment Issues

facebook social media experiment

It appears that Facbook purposely manipulated news feeds for hundreds of thousands of its users PR Executive Ronn Torossian 5wPR CEO says. The reason was to study emotional reaction over various social networks. This is the ultimate social media social experiment for facebook. Study The individuals responsible for the study were from Cornell University as well as California University in San Francisco. The goal was to find out if showing fewer positive message would make people less likely ... Read More »

Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing?

If you have a Facebook Page, you know how hard it can be to get your content to show up in your fans’ News Feeds, says Ronn Torossian – who’s company 5W PR has cemented itself within the Tech PR and Startup PR industries. Competition for this coveted News Feed space is getting fierce: With the number of Pages Liked by the average Facebook user growing each year, Facebook has attempted to filter users’ News Feeds in an ... Read More »

Ronn Torossian wonders which Colbert will helm the Late Show

 It’s official! Comedian, and talk show host Stephen Colbert will take over for iconic David Letterman, as the new host of the Late Show. Ronn Torossian said, while the announcement surprised few, it did raise a good many eyebrows, and lead to some interesting public relations questions. Chief among them is the issue of branding. Colbert has made a name for himself with a carefully cultivated comedic conservative persona. So convincing was his act that, early on, big ... Read More »

Pinterest vs. Twitter, Who’s Winning the PR war

  There was a time, not too long ago, when Twitter was the latest social media darling on the net. People were flocking to tweet their latest,and greatest thoughts. To have tiny conversations with people across the room and across the world. But, given the limitless potential for social media interaction, there were sure to be competitors entering the market.When Pinterest released their APP, tens of millions flocked to the service. Most of them were female, and many were outside Twitter’s target ... Read More »

3 Tips to Staying on an Editor’s Good Side

In the public relations game, you will spend quite a bit of time connecting and interacting with editors, producers, and other media gatekeepers. It follows, then, that it’s probably a good idea to know how to interact positively, and profitably with those media gatekeepers.   Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR in New York, offers 3 tips on staying on an editor’s good side.   #1 – Follow their protocols   All publications, and productions have submission guidelines, tips, ... Read More »

Understanding What’s Important in a Press Release

Public relations is all about connections, but some people struggle to understand what to put into a press release in order to connect with their audience. In this article, Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, offers 3 tips for how to connect with your audience, and craft a press release that will get noticed and followed up on.   #1 – Connection   Is your content connective, or just a bunch of semi-relevant facts spewed into a release? When ... Read More »

PR Winners and Losers in 2013

PR fails in 2013:   Burger King had to go into damage control mode when one of its employees sent out a tweet showcasing his feet in tubs of lettuce. To make matters worse for the company, the tweet was captioned “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.” For a any company, such an awful tweet can be felt for years.  For a restaurant, the damage may be irreparable. And if you thought things could not ... Read More »

3 Responses to a Smear Campaign

  We all know that haters are out there, and they will, without any doubt, hate. They hate success. They hate progress. They hate innovation. And, this hate inspires jealousy, and all it’s ills. Eventually, some hater will try to smear your good name. How this will be done, and when it will come, will be a surprise.   But you don’t need to react like you are surprised. Surprised reactions inspire mistakes, miscues, and missed opportunities. But, ... Read More »

Mid Season Finales Offer Prime Promotion Time

The holiday season has always been prime commercial time for TV networks. Lots of people are watching, and, with holiday specials, lots of people are watching the same thing. This combination makes for a prime PR opportunity for both popular, and not so well appreciated programs on the major TV networks.   There are a lot of reasons why the midseason “holiday” break is a PR winner for both networks and fans. Ronn Torossian, president of5W Public Relations, ... Read More »

3 Responses to Positive Press

Everyone wants great press, but how many times do you hear people talking about what to do once you get it? Hardly ever, really. But, Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, a leading NYC based media relations firm, says there is a right way, and a wrong way, to handle positive press. Here, Torossian offers 3 basic responses he has seen, and which one will give you the best chance of getting a repeat performance.   #1 – Do ... Read More »

3 Elements of a Top PR Campaign

Everyday, countless press releases are submitted, countless public relations campaigns are launched, and millions of brands enter the harsh light of the public eye. What happens next depends on an endless number of decisions, and moving parts. Many of these factors are completely outside your control. But, according to PR guru, and president of5W Public Relations, Ronn Torossian, at least three factors are completely within your power to control.   #1 – Well planned   PR campaigns are, ... Read More »

Education PR: What Matters Most

From preschool to graduate school, one educational principle remains a debate: What constitutes the “best” school, and how can a student – or a parent – measure this success? This is a question that all educational institutions, public or private, must answer when planning their annual public relations campaigns. But, they cannot stop there if they wish to be successful.   They must decide what their potential customers want to hear, and what matters most. Ronn Torossian, 5WPR ... Read More »

Don’t Tweet Dumbly !

Social media is one of the most convenient ways ever conceived to communicate with the largest number of people. The potential for PR, and for profit, is nearly endless. But there are some pitfalls. A lesson one young professional learned the hard way in a recent – and very public – firing. Her offense? Being incredibly stupid on Twitter. While on her way overseas on a business junket, the woman tweeted out something both incredibly unfunny, and incredibly ... Read More »

Three Ways to Control the Message

In most PR situations, there comes a point when you need to take control of the narrative, and define the conversation. Best case scenario is when you start the conversation with a planned campaign, and continue to control the narrative throughout. However, this is also not how things usually happen. In a public relations scenario, there are infinitely more voices in the “public” than you have working for you. The only way to maintain any semblance of control ... Read More »

Sign of Bad Times in South Africa

By now, the world has heard. South African officials hired a fake sign language interpreter to work at the largest public event that country has seen, well, ever. With new information pouring into the public sphere every day, South Africa is facing a PR crisis. Yes, the country has been seen as backward, dangerous, bigoted and many other negatives. But, many of those perspectives were erased by the heroic tenure of Nelson Mandela, the man whose funeral was ... Read More »

Golden Globes Uproar – Good or Bad for TV Brands?

Golden Globe nominations have been released. As expected, there are a few surprises, and more than a few unexpected snubs. As you can imagine, it’s the snubs that really have fans worked up in a lather. People who could not even tell you who won the Globes last year are fuming on message boards, and comment threads because their favorites didn’t get the nomination nod.  Ronn Torossiansays, win or lose, this uproar is a huge PR win for ... Read More »

Fast Food Decision Makes for Some Fresh PR

The fast food wars continue to rage, and despite all the salads that have been introduced, nothing comes close to what Chick-Fil-A just announced. The “Eat Mor Chikin” company has recently announced that it will cut out corn syrup, dyes, and certain other additives, sometime in 2014. While this won’t make the waffle fries any healthier, this is a breath of fresh air in the fast food media relations wars. And it may set a trend. No news on ... Read More »

WestJet Christmas Miracle is Incredible Holiday PR

When it comes to holiday public relations, it’s hard to top this. In fact, it may just be impossible. Local small flight airliner, WestJet, has forever raised the bar for any and all corporate holiday PR. So says, Ronn Torossian, President and CEO, of 5WPR. At this point most of the world has seen this heartwarming holiday gem, but if you are one of those who has yet to experience it, grab some tissues, and take a gander ... Read More »

3 Reasons to Ignore Nasty Social Media Messages

Not too long ago, Ryanair was little more than another budget airline choice for those looking for cheap, no-frills transportation from point A to point B. The service worked well at providing a service that people wanted at a price they wanted to pay. Then came Jason Roe. A random, and relatively anonymous blogger who turned the company’s online reputation inside out, and upside down. Because they let him do it to them. Ronn Torossian says he has ... Read More »

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